Department of Justice: 3 - Search Engines: 1

Yahoo, AOL, and MSN said 'da' to a Department of Justice request for search records. Google said 'nyet' and is now the target of Gonzales vs. Google Inc., a motion to compel filed in federal court. And just what is being compelled? Is it records pertaining to an ongoing terrorist investigation? Nope. Data that could help find a serial killer? Nope. Information on Bush's missing legacy? Nope...

...It's porn--good old fashioned, red-blooded, American porn. The government is trying to get Google to hand over a million search records for a one week period from last year so that they can bolster their arguments in defense of the Child Online Protection Act.

So clear those caches! Delete those cookies! Dump those search histories! Alberto is coming for ya porkchop. Unless of course you search with Yahoo!, AOL, or MSN. In which case you're already screwed.


I know that there is a big public no no to porn from our current administration, but I bet if you go into their offices you wouldn't be very far from a few issues of chicks with farm equipment or animals or something similar. I'm not quite sure if that sentance is grammatically corrent, but it's early and I'm tired.
Wish I had a link handy for the recent WaPo (or Times?) article about how the FBI is squandering a lot of money and personnel going after porn...money and personnel that could be used to do something useful, I'm sure...
Child porn is what I read they were after..It is a good cause but I doubt they are THAT sincere over at the Bush House. They use a topic that everyone will hate to see if they can push it through..and then..they come after we, the leftwing nutjobs..
Did you hear about the banner beacon thing with yahoo, where you give them permission to track you when you sign up for mail or groups? There's a link in the privacy policy to opt out. I got an email about it and checked it out- true.

Thanks Kvatch and co. for your support of our relatively new blog (Lose The Noose)it takes a while to find one's way, I think we all just want to rant about EVERYTHING every day. So overflowing with pissedivity sometimes.
But thanks for your comments and presence, we all like to know we have support in our positions..
Child porn is what I read they were after..It is a good cause but I doubt they are THAT sincere over at the Bush House.

Well, for right now, they're not even after the pornographers. They're just trying to bolster their defense of COPA. That in itself is interesting because...I thought...that the injunction against COPA enforcement had already been upheld by the Supreme Court back in 2004. So why is DoJ trying to bolster an argument for an act that has already reached the hightest court and been found wanting?

Thanks Kvatch and co. for your support of our relatively new blog (Lose The Noose)

Hey Lily...I'm not just a supporter of Lose the Noose. I'm an investor!
Child porn is what I read they were after..

Not necessarily:

But Gonzales endorses the rationale of predecessor Meese: that adult pornography is a threat to families and children. Christian conservatives, long skeptical of Gonzales, greeted the pornography initiative with what the Family Research Council called "a growing sense of confidence in our new attorney general."
Hmm. This data-mining sure does seem to give Alberto a hard-on.
What really torks me off is I'm going to get in trouble for hunting up the pictures online of Bush's pet pin-up boy, Jeff Gannon.

Of course on the 'protecting the children' argument (an old and tired one, to be sure) is being bandied about once again. This is silly...three-year-olds can reconfigure an entire computer system, while I have trouble checking my email. And who's protecting them from the porn found in EVERY COMMERCIAL THEY HAVE EVER SEEN? I have a hard time thinking of a product that isn't advertised using sex in one form or another. But I digress.

Personally, I find porn a bit low-brow, but I feel that way about Toby Keith, too. I see no need to deny other folks either.


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