Democrats - Relentlessly On Message In '06

CV Rick at the Unspunblog has an excellent post on what Democrats need to do to win back the house in '06. "Why the House?" you might ask. "Why not the Senate?" Well, the House is the key to reestablishing the rule of law in this country. For example, though an impeachment can't happen without a conviction in the Senate, there won't be any Articles of Impeachment without a Democratic majority in the House.

Rick makes many excellent points, but I want to focus on the fact that liberals need to adopt the conservative's tactic of being relentlessly on message, even to the point of refusing to explain ourselves. And what is the message? Read on... (Some copied from CV Rick, others added by yours truly):
  • Republican's are pro-torture
  • Republican's don't believe in the rule of law
  • Republican's believe the President is above the law (shades of Richard Nixon)
  • Republican's are corrupt
  • The war in Iraq is a Republican war
  • Republican's trade civil liberties for fictional security
...in short:
  • It's the Republican's fault
Republicans have had unfettered control of the legislative and executive for 5 years now. There can be no more discussion that what has happened in this country is not directly the result of disastrous Republican policies, and Democrats need to mercilessly, relentlessly hammer this message home.


Your gas is more expensive, your job is at risk, your house is bugged - blame the Republicans.
The turd is definitely in the Republican's pocket.
e4e here..can't decide what to do...I am not a quitter...stop back by WS...I have explained my dilemma...more....

( I am still reading)
Yeah. I'd prefer that they take the high road, but they're all too fat and lazy for that.
The Dems talk a good game occasionally. They have more ammo right now then they did when Nixon was impeached and yet..they dont do shit..go figure.

Will they rent a set of nads and start screaming from the rooftops about what the Repubs have done?
Exactly- they don't actually do anything!
Instead of taking advantage of low public opinion, they remain largely silent and cooperative. What gives????
See we remember the Lewinsky thing and how they relentlessly went for the jugular on everything, even from his law firms days. The high road is nice, but the people who suffer from their niceties will be US.
The only ones who's got the guts to call a spade a spade are Dean, Kennedy, Miller, and a few others. But of course, Kennedy is not taken seriously (although he should be)and because there are so few of the brave guys, they sort of get lost in the shuffle.

John Conyers is probably the VERY bravest. But dammit, I don't understand why the dems won't capitilize on the scandals-galore going on.

What gives?
What gives? Yep - that sums it up perfectly.

The Dems have more opportunities here than they could possibly hope for. What gives?

Fear of the pounding by the Limbaugh-Hannity-O'Reilly-Coulter banshees of the media?

Are they more like Bush and Co. than they'd have us believe?

Are they too indebted to the same K Street lobbyists that the Repubs have been purchased by?

What gives?
Fear of the pounding by the Limbaugh-Hannity-O'Reilly-Coulter banshees of the media?

As Chili Palmer once wisely observed, "Pressure? No...I'm the one who applies the pressure." Dems need to take that attitude with the bug-eyed right.
I agree- the Alito hearings showed that the Dems not only have no message but even if/when they do, they are totally ineffectual at getting it out. They are disorganized and acting like political boneheads. Sometimes I wonder who advises these folks because they should be fired.
After having read the previous post before these comments I too would like to see a good impaling. As to what course of action for Dems!. I agree with CV Rick. We've been discussing this for some time. But timing is important. If we come out with our philosophy and postion too early it gives the Rs all kinds of time to pick us apart and weedle their way through our defenses. I agree that in taking our positions we take a no prisoners stance on our position if you don't like it tough shit. Timing, a handfull of issues that will unite rather than divide us, stay on message, stay on message, stay on message. Today and right now is not the time to air all of our positions only to have them torn to shreds by June.
And lest we forget, Re"thug"licans want to trade social security for social insecurity, as well, in an effort to line their pockets.
Re"thug"licans want to trade social security for social insecurity, as well, in an effort to line their pockets.

Then you should read this post. I've had enough talk about Social Security, there is only one solution, and I want to deal with it and be done.
I think a lot of Democrats are speaking up, but I also think they aren't getting a lot of press when they do.

It seems to me the media is basically corporate, and they report things they think will sell. If this wasn't at least partially true, I think we would be hearing more in the mainstream media about what our Representatives and Senators are doing, i.e. what measures are being introduced, how these people are voting on the measures, etc.... and less about Michael Jackson, runaway brides, etc.

Scandals are things the media seems to like, but if the scandals are negatively affecting the party with which the corporate media tends to get along best, I doubt those scandals would get as much press.

If the news is a business, does it not seem likely that the party which favors the preservation of wealth is the party the media would tend to favor?

I am encouraged lately by the amount of time the media is spending reporting on the various miseries Bu$hCo is encountering. I'm hoping this trend will snowball, that is, the more the public becomes dissatisfied with Bush, the more negative stories will appear in the news, because... it will be interesting enough to attract viewers... and to generate the dollars I believe are really their bottom line nowadays.
Just use that oldie, Do you feel our country better off today than it was five years ago?

Sure as hell wish we could clone Russ Feingold.
or lol
Do you feel our country is better off today than it was five years ago.

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