A Cold Calculus of Corruption...

...A topic I can't seem to get away from.

The bug-eyed, right-side of the blogsphere is abuzz with the meme, "Well, Democrats did it too. So there!" And to be sure, some Democrats will fall, but don't be fooled my dear readers. WaPo's got the goods:

Contributions from Abramoff through 2004:

Republicans: $3.41 Million
Democrats: $1.33 Million

And, excluding the party apparatuses, where those contributions went:

Republican recipients in the top 20: 14
Democratic recipients in the top 20: 6

Suck on that conservative apologists!


I love the "They did it, so we can do it too" argument. That's like shitting where you live. So, the supposedly ethical and moral high ground that the conservatives aspire or say they inhabit, realy is a swamp as dirty as any other rats cage? Yup, but even dirtier according to these numbers.

Blog on. Blog on.
You should never tell conservative apologists to suck on things. They might get dirty ideas.
Good post... linking!
Thanks for the props. Always a pleasure to be whored. :-)
No we want them to suck on it long and hard....and we want ALL of them to suck on it..on tuesday Casino Jack said that his "list " is closer to 60 not 24, hmmm, seems like he is trying very hard to be"Cooperative"....
60.. if that's true, christmas is a good 11 months early this year.
Good find.
Sing, you damned canary you. Sing long, sing hard.
You know what, if the dems did it too, stop crying and prosecute them as well. Except all the evidence said they didn't do it.

And Hey Kvatch, I got you!!!!

I blogged this one three weeks ago.

Okay not exactly the same, but I just wanted to be able to say it once.


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