Charity? Hell No! The Tigua Indians Want Their Money Back

The Tigua Indians, one of American's poorer tribes, would like you to know that they could use some of the money that Republican lawmakers are so hot to give to charity these days.

You see the Tigua are in a bind. Their casino, Speaking Rock, remains closed after being shut down under pressure from Texas politicians flush with Abramoff contributions. And where did that money come from? Why from a rival tribe, the Louisiana Coushatta, who spent 4 million in cash that was funneled through Ralph Reed to the lawmakers. But as if that weren't enough, once the job was done, Abramoff then went to the Tigua and promised to lobby to have Speaking Rock reopened if only they would hire his partner, Michael Scanlon, to the tune of 4.2 million. Nothing ever came of that--Big surprise.

So, after being fleeced...twice...by Abramoff and his cohorts, the Tigua would like their money back--thank you very much! Not like that's going to happen. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R. TX) for example, noted that to return the the $3000.00 she received from Abramoff would be an insult to the tribe. Some insult.


May be the only way to fix this is to sue the bastards. Sic the lawyers on em and suck them for all they are worth sending Abramoff and DeLay and the whole lot to NOLA in the middle of summer to work on road construction chain ganges.
I say they also charge money for us to take pictures and give THAT money away too! bastards.
The Indian Tribes are getting screwed?

Wow whoulda thought that would ever happen?
I'd pay $3000 just to see W attempt to say "Tigua."
I'd pay $3000 just to see W attempt to say "Tigua."

It would come out T-eye-gua, like Eye-r-aq. (It's actually pronounced T-eee-gua.)
Hey "A",
Please post some pics of Venus and Mercury...we miss them!

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South

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