Best Reason Yet To Support Alito...

Because a Montgomery Co. (Maryland) judge ruled that mooning someone is not illegal, overriding a lower court ruling that might have landed Raymond McNealy of Germantown in prison for 3 years after he exposed his buttocks to his neighbor.

So does this mean that mooning is constitutionally protected speech? Frat boys rejoice, and let's get Alito in there as soon as possible to deal with these activist judges.


18 months per cheek. I grew up in Montgomery County ... nice to see things haven't changed much.
Well, BF I too grew up not far from there...I guess that explains the warped dark humor ....

So does this mean that we are Constitutionally protected to go and Moon our Neighbor the King over at the White Castle?

And along those lines so is talking out of one's ass now Protected ? If so that I guess explains why Rove is out running his mouth today...Butt that doesn't make it less painful to watch.,..

oh, dear..it's Pun Friday I am Cracking myself up ...so sorry Bloggy Land....
Mooning is protected by the First Amendment?

Sweet Jesus on a popsicle stick. Next thing you know, they'll make flag-burning legal.
Mooning should be illegal. Unless, of course, you go all the way and take a dump on Bush's head. Then it's OK.
Now Neil talk like that could be construed as Terra talk...
and geez you might give some young innocent idears...

just kiddin' :-)
Oh wonderful, mooning is legal. Up until now, my wife and I have only had the pleasure of witnessing my neighbor exposing his middle finger to us. What's next, the full monty?
Hooray! And there was much rejoicing....
Oh wonderful, mooning is legal. Up until now, my wife and I have only had the pleasure of witnessing my neighbor exposing his middle finger to us.

Well at least in Maryland, but they're a bunch of leftist wackos as B. so adriotly pointed out. Don't worry, Alito's coming to fix their little re-I mean blue wagon.
I lived not far from Germantown..in fact I worked there. They love to love themselves..and giving some jackass 3 years for pulling down his drawers is not only stupid..its a waste of taxpayers money. Of course there are lots of companies making a ton of money off the government in Germantown so I am sure they are familiar with wasting money.
Daniel A. Madsonivich of Ahwatu kee,AZ. mooned my 5 year old daughter,wife and myself. We had never met ,talked to or had contact with him. We only parked in front of his home. On 2/3/2006 the prosicuter in phoenix,AZ. informed us after 1 year of continuances by the defense lawyer who previously worked for the prosicuter's office that there was NO CRIME COMMITED as we did not indicate we saw his ANUS. Thank god. Help us please take this behaviour off the streets.
I am Raymond and I am the person mentioned in this article, and well, mentioned all across the world for some reason. If anybody watched the 1/30/06 show with me on the Daily Show w/Jon Stewart and also he had on the show the DA from Montgomery County,Md - Mr. Doug Gansler the DA who is running for States Attorney and is the reason he almost did not appear on TV, but he admitted that he had not read the transcrips from the months of hearings and testimony and he admits he should have before making comments on the case. WHY?? Because there was no more of a butt show then seeing my left butt check (even the plantiff said on the stand she saw about 25% of the top of 1-ONE butt check and not crack or anything (kids walking with their pants hanging down show more in public as they are walking), and also, as per the transcrips of the case, which BTW, are availiable to anyone to read or obtain, well, there was no daughter involved as she had already gone off to school, as even admitted under oath to Judge Debulises. So, I am out 62K in 7 months of legal fees to keep me out of jail, yet people for, in my opnion, get less jail time for much more serious crimes ie: Rape etc, and they get 1 year and out on the street again. Well sorry for rambling on folks. I just wanted to say that reading the record of the case before judgement should be required, not only here, but mostly by the press before running out and reporting it. BTW, I have a counter suit against the State (who the local county DA works for) and they are in talks with my legal team since I brought a wrongful imprisiment lawsuit against the County/State. While I can not say the exact amount of damages they are going or willing to pay, I can say its almost 200K. Now think. Why would a County or State pay money to me if they did not feel like they were wrong. The heritage Institute is also involved and on my side since my 4th Ammendment rights were violated. I fought for this Country and the Peoples right to free expression (Legal Expression) and I not only fought for my own right, but for yours and anybodys else's.
I want to thank you for allowing me to add my 1-cent worth of space here. I hope everybody has a great spring, that is if we in the DC area can get some good long days of decent weather and not yo-yo weather temps!
Thanks again and God Bless.

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