...And Doing What It Takes To Ensure His Appointment

Like slipping into the hearing room and annointing the chairs with holy oil, which apparently the Rev. Rob Schenck, who identifies himself as an evangelical Christian and president of the National Clergy Council in Washington, admitted to.

No wonder the Alito hearings went so swimmingly.

[Update 2006/01/23 5:45 AM]

Stephen McArthur (Orwell's Grave), has provided links to pictures of the ministers annointing the doors and praying in front of the hearing chambers.


and here's praying that someone slips and breaks something in that godamn holy oil....
yeah, and here's hoping as I do every Friday that someone get's anointed ( oh, I meant INDICTED)...
If you haven't seen the photos of the two ministers praying before the committee room doors, here they are:


scroll down once you get there.....

You say appointment, I say annointment.
Stephen...that's great! I've updated the post with the new information, and BTW thank's for rolling Blognonymous. I'll reciprocate a little later today.

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