Abramoff Ushers in "Graft on the Cheap"

The most frustrating thing about the Abramoff plea deal is that we're now starting to see some of the scandal's sordid details. Senators and representatives are scrambling all over themselves to give back Abramoff's money, and at Blognonymous we're asking ourselves, "Did these morons really sell themselves out for so little?"

Take Harry Reid (D. NV). He's been linked to a paltry $5000 contribution. Mr. Reid, please tell me that this wasn't really the price at which you peddled your influence. Or Bob Ney (R. Ohio). The man took a frickin' Scottish golf trip on Abramoff's tab. Bob, Bob, Bob...Abramoff enriched himself to the tune of $27 million, and you sold your ass for minor ducats!

Don't you just wish for a time when congressmen really knew the value of their vote? It's no wonder these bozos can't balance the federal budget. They can't even do graft right.


Maybe we aught pool our resources and start a web location for all those who want to absolve themselves of their Abramoff sins. We'll collect their dollars, to the amount of not less than their original sin, or greater to asuage their guilt. Then, after taking a small percentage, we will redistribute it to high quality ethical cuases.
Are you going to wax poetic with another haiku or more verse for us with this scandel? Those were quite good.
LOL..great post! and sadly so true..they whored themselves for so little..only time will tell how many Dem's fell prey..the list is growing each day.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
Dusty, it was my pleasure.

Mike, let me think about that. Verse is sort of like cr*p--doesn't always show when you want it to.
Maybe we aught pool our resources and start a web location for all those who want to absolve themselves of their Abramoff sins. We'll collect their dollars...

I love it. But I think that we should use the dough to fund a new Department of Homeland Faith--the perfect melding of faith-based intiatives with Homeland Security. A department dedicated to praying that everything will work out OK.
Good observation. Cheap, cheap, cheap. But this is not undprecedented. Judas, for example, shoulda held out for 30 pieces of silver AND a golf trip to Scotland.
President Bush, once again showing the standard of leadership we can all admire, has pledged the donate to charity the $6K his re-election campaign received from J-Abe. Kudos, say I.

Oh, as for the other $94,000 he brought in as a "Bush Pioneer?" That money was already spent on the Swift Boat Smear Fund. Sorry.
Today the Bush/Cheney campaign "returned" their $5,000 Abramoff contribution by donating it to the American Heart Association. Awww..maybe that website should donate all dirty Abramoff money to the ACLU or better yet, let's just send it to Afghanistan with a letter of apology.
Some icing on the cake, Rick Santorum has been tapped to help rewrite the rules concerning lobbiests gifts and Senate Republican ethics. Doesn't that really ring as an oxymoron, Rebpulican Ethics?

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