Coulter Banished

From the Arizona Daily Star (Tucson):
Finally, we've decided that syndicated columnist Ann Coulter has worn out her welcome. Many readers find her shrill, bombastic and mean-spirited. And those are the words used by readers who identified themselves as conservatives.
It's a start. And BTW, of the choice Coulter scree cited by observer sites and blogs was this one from August 10th:
(T)he savages have declared war, and it's far preferable to fight them in the streets of Baghdad than in the streets of New York -- where the residents would immediately surrender.
So, merely for being blue staters, the bitch impugns the one group of Americans who, more than other, showed the greatest amount of courage and resolve in the face of terrorism.

It's a wonder more papers don't drop her. But then...for the red staters...agreeing an ignoramus like Coulter is probably easy since the only terrorists they have to deal with are the domestic ones.

Gov. Ernie Fletcher (KY) -- Another Republican Slimeball

In a fit of pique over an investigation into improper hiring initiated by the Democrat attorney general, this Republican shit-for-brains pardoned not only those already charged, but anyone who is eventually charged by the grand jury. And, as if that weren't enough, the pardon extends to any and all alleged criminal activity, not just charges stemming from the existing investigation. So...a former Fletcher administration official who's been indicted on 22 unrelated felony counts of evidence and witness tampering...gets a buy.

Such respect for the judicial system from the conservatives--dare to investigate me, and I'll simply make it impossible for any prosecutions to proceed. Sort of reminds you of Nixon firing special prosecutor Archibald Cox.

Once again Republican hubris knows no bounds.

Back in the USA

...just in time to see Katrina wipe out the Big Easy. Tragic--New Orleans was a great town, and it will be months, maybe years, before the city is habitable again, if ever.

But just to put things in perspective, any intelligent person could have expected that something like this would eventually happen, but Bush Co.'s cutting funding for the Gulf district of the Army Corps of Engineers by 44% since 2001 (these are the guys that oversee and manage the levees that hold back Lake Pontchartrain and the Mississippi river) hasn't helped; Reversing the Bush Sr. and Clinton era policies of wetlands restoration, turning that land over to developers, hasn't helped (Two miles of wetlands restoration reduces storm surge by a half a foot); Giving an idiotic speech comparing the war on terror to WWII, while the levee on Lake Pontchartrain was breaking, didn't help. So I guess President Neuman will continue to pursue his "What me worry?" approach to national crises.

And just to put a cap on the theme, Daily KOS noted that the RNC's official site had no mention of Katrina, where as the DNC site put it right up front.

Fucking typical.


Editorial Discretion at Lethal Thought?!

Another day another deleted response at Lethal Thought. Jose Mendez, for those of you who don't know, has this annoying habit of deleting comments he doesn't like or comments that follow what he considers to be the final word in the debate (his word...obviously). Anyway, my response is below. The relevant part of his post is in italics.

Notice, hwever, where the anger of this liberal is placed, NOT on how 911 could have been prevented had it not been for liberal notions about immigrants and other such politically correct madness, rather at some perceived suggestion on my part that we do away with the Constitution!

To which, I replied:

Almost without exception, the Bill of Rights applies to citizens and non-citizens alike. So I would suggest that my so-called "Liberal Madness," is not nearly as pernicious as the conservative madness that states that, in order to provide safety, we need to sacrifice the very values that make this country great.

My post was geared more toward pointing out that you are no more interested in how 9/11 could have been prevented than the people you accuse. Since you've not once, but twice, failed to cast any blame on the military intelligence officials (likely a little more on the conservative side than the "liberal lawyers") your real intent, as it so often is, is merely to tar the left.


Republicans Move to the Center...

...or do they?

Looks like Jeanine Pirro, a popular district attorney from Westchester County, NY is gearing up for a run against Hillary Clinton. The odd thing is that Ms. Pirro is as tight lipped as Scott McClellan when it comes to answering questions about her positions on certain key issues. Though it's widely known that on abortion rights, gay rights, and the death penalty she's pro, pro, pro. Not really the credentials of a Bush Co. Republican. In fact when asked, she wouldn't even embrace that label. And, when you combine the fact that she's almost a Democrat with the fact that she has almost no...read ZERO...chance of beating Clinton, you have to conclude that something else is going on here.

What could it be? The wing-nuts know Pirro won't win, but as a centrist, Pirro could put Clinton through a bruising Senate seat battle just before the run up to a 2008 presidential race.

Personally, I'd prefer that Clinton stomp Pirro and stay in the Senate. New Yorkers like Clinton; she's skilled; works closely and well with Charles Schummer (D. NY); and I'd like nothing more than to see Hillary ascend to the chairmanship of the Judiciary Committee. Imagine the apoplexy on the right when they have to contend with Senator Clinton watching over the sniveling dupes they put in the White House.

The Senate will be back in Democratic hands soon enough. I want Hillary there to keep a wing-nut executive in check.


An Energy Bill That Does Exactly Nothing...

...but line the pockets of traditional Bush Co. supporters. But more to the point. In a blinding bit of Orwellian news-speak, Bush commented:
This bill will strengthen our economy, and it will improve our environment, and it's going to make this country more secure...
Really Mr. President? And how exactly is your bill going to do that? Looks to me like the bulk of the provisions are incentives to the oil and gas industry to increase production capacity. So...you're...what? Encouraging the biggest per capita consumers of energy in the world to just go on consuming? Status quo, huh Mr. President? Not much help for the environment either, I'll wager. What with increased refining capacity combined with increased consumption.

But listen up President Neuman, I'm willing to take matters into my own hands. How about you give me a big fat tax incentive, and I'll cut my energy consumption in half. No problem. I'll chuck the car, and I'm done. Better yet, I'll cut down my greenhouse gas emissions by the same. Two fewer plane trips per year along with the car, and that's accomplished. Save me a decent chunk of change too--$10,000 maybe $15,000 thousand dollars per year. And, if every whining S.U.V. owner did the same, they could use the enormous amount of money they saved to, as you put it:
...help keep momentum in the right direction so people can realize their dreams.
Because in the end your worthless, bloated giveaway to the energy industry isn't going to strengthen the economy (well...except for your friends), and isn't going to improve our environment, and isn't going to make us more secure.

Will the Wal-Mart Class Action Go To Trial?

It's the Ninth Circuit, so probably...yes, and a good thing too. Here are some of the crap arguments that Wal-Mart's attorney made on Monday:

First, he argued that the case was without merit because a study concluded that women weren't systematically discriminated against in pay and promotions. What's ludicrous about this is that the study is a Wal-Mart study, and...the Ninth Circuit isn't even deciding a merit issue. They're deciding if a federal court judge abused his discretion in letting the case go to trial. But it doesn't stop there.

Theodore Boutrous, Wal-Mart's attorney, then argued that a settlement plan put forward by Martin Jenkins (the Federal judge), was impractical because it would deprive Wal-Mart of the, "...opportunity to dispute their individual circumstances." Wal-Mart has asserted that this is an unprecedented denial of due process. What?! Unprecedented? Maybe, but only because nobody has had the chutzpah to challenge America's biggest retailer. I think that Mr. Boutrous needs to become a little more familiar with the idea of a class action lawsuit. He doesn't seem to get it.

I'll let the conservatives blather on about how much more practical 1.6 million lawsuits would be.


Novak To Take Some Involuntary Time Off

Too bad he won't be spending his vacation in a Chicago jail cell.

But here's the thing I don't get. How come Novak gets a pass from the special prosecutor? Just for testifying in front of the grand jury? I mean...the Intelligence Identities Protection Act is not specific with regard to whether or not a disclosure reveals substantially new or previously unrevealed information. With that in mind Novak, the first to publicly disclose her identity in print, shouldn't just have to fact the grand jury, he should be immediately indicted on the felony charge that the act requires.

Regardless, the man is a fucking troll, and his bosses at CNN are useless right-wing dupes for keeping him around.


In Corporation America, "Employee" Now Trumps "Citizen"

Take a look at this nonsense from the National Labor Relations Board. Forget that the NLRB's does away with Section 7 of the National Labor Relation's Act (basically says that employees can freely associate for the purpose of discussing unions and the like). Now we've got a new brain-dead ruling saying that employers can ban you from associating with your co-workers when you're not at work.

Bush Co. packs the board with Republican idealogues and look at the crap that comes out! I guess the Federal level test case--based on the 1st Amendment right to peacably assemble?--can't come fast enough.



Bolton's Recess Elevation

Not that this is going to come as a surprise to anyone, but Bush made the recess appointment that he'd threatened to, elevating John "the UN needs to be dissolved," Bolton to the ambassadorship.

So...once again, Bush demonstrates his contempt for Congress by simply going around them. But, not content to let the appointment of an under-qualified thug go without comment, Bush said the following:
Because of partisan delaying tactics by a handful of senators, John was unfairly denied the up-or-down vote that he deserves...
Sure George, not like there weren't a few Republicans who had a problem with your appointment of man so patently undiplomatic, that even his colleagues questioned his nomination to the post.

No wonder your poll numbers are sinking. Perhaps you should go back and bury your head in the sand again.