ACLU To Defend...Morons

Missed this when it was first posted. Take a look at this liberty freeloader and his scree against the ACLU. The real irony comes a little further down when he lists his, Blogger's 1st Amendment Pledge:
If the FEC makes rules that limit my First Amendment right to express my opinion on core political issues, I will not obey those rules.
...and you realize that it will probably be the ACLU that defends him or at least his right be a moron, in public, on his blog.


Making the world safe for Microsoft.

This is funny. Check out the link in title.


Truth Is Stranger Than Paranoia

This is one of those stories that you wouldn't believe if you didn't read it.

Seems Joe Barton (R. TX), chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, has demanded the personal financial records of the authors of an influential 1999 study documenting global warming over the last century. Since Barton is well known for rejecting the notion of climate change, one wonders what the hell he's trying to accomplish. Could it be an attempt to silence a group of troublesome scientists who won't tow the administration line? Don't know, but there are other Republicans who think so, like Sherwood Boehlert (R. NY). He called the investigation "misguided and illegitimate."

The hubris of these craven administration lackeys is unreal. What next, orthodoxy trials?

Run From the Bobbies and Be...Executed!

So now we know how London police are going to respond to the recent bombings. They're going to execute their suspects--No trial, no warning.

First we learned on Friday that a man emerging from a house already under surveillance tried to escape trailing officers by bolting into the underground. We learned that when he stumbled onto a train the officers piled onto him, shot, and killed him. We know, from many eye witness accounts, that no warnings were shouted, no warning shots were fired, and that he was shot multiple times at point blank range. We know that the officer's behavior is in violation of their own policies, which specify:
Police rules require officers to give warning if they intend to open fire and to "ensure that their responses are proportionate and appropriate in the circumstances and consistent with the legitimate objective to be achieved." Officers are supposed to aim for immobilizing body-shots, but television reports said Friday that shoot-to-kill shots had been authorized to prevent suicide bombings.
So...taking that last sentence as their only possible justification, they must have assumed that this guy intended to bomb the underground while already being trailed? Oh sure. That fits the pattern we've seen so far.

Now finally, Scotland Yard has released a statement saying that the individual was not involved in Thursday's bombings. Got that? Not involved...but still DEAD! One can only imagine how this may play out in the US, where every officer is armed, when the bombings start here.

A bloody fucking tragedy.


Michelle Malkin and Move America Forward Flip Out

This is rich.

These bozos over at Move America Forward (along with Michelle Malkin...go figure) are flipping out about this art display at the California state capital. Guess they can't comprehend how some people (you know...evil liberals) might be upset at Bush the Appeaser's attempts to turn America into the type of country that would make a radical Islamic terrorist proud.

Perhaps a more appropriate display would be an image of President Bush taking a dump on the Constitution. I mean, after all, the sunset provisions in the USA Patriot Act are being debated in Congress now. So the timing is perfect.


Gates and Microsoft don't get it.

So Bill Gates is bemoaning the lack of computer science graduates in the US. I'll bet he is!

Having been through the "wash-cycle" of Microsoft hiring, twice, I can say with confidence that MS couldn't target an engineer over the age of 25 if their business depended on it. There's no shortage of engineering talent in the US. There's a shortage of talent that MS is willing to hire.

Guess they're gonna need that 10 year-old after all.

Arnuhlt Lets the Bay Bridge Proceed

1989 - The Loma Prieta quake (7.1) - 6B dollars in damage; 66 dead, 3700+ injured; 1 Bay Area freeway collapses (the Nimitz in Oakland), two others (the Embarcadero and Southern I280 in SF) have to be demolished, and a section of the Bay Bridge collapses; The Bay Bridge is declared seismically unsound.

1994 - The Northridge quake (6.7) - 22B dollars in damage; Approx. 57 dead, 9000+ injured; 10 L.A. freeways are damaged and downtown L.A. is cut off from the remainder of the metropolitan area.

Late 1995 (2 years after Northridge) - L.A.'s freeways are completely repaired.

1997 (8 years after Loma Prieta) - S.F.'s three damaged freeways are either demolished or rebuilt.

2002 (13 years after Loma Prieta) - Construction is started on a new eastern span of the Bay Bridge

2004 (15 years after Loma Prieta) - Construction is halted while Governor Arnuhlt frets about cost overruns.

2005 (16 years after Loma Prieta) - Construction is restarted after balancing the overruns on the backs of the commuters. (Half of the overruns would not have happened if the The Governator hadn't stopped construction.)

2011 (22 years after Loma Prieta) - The new eastern span is completed...maybe.

When Northridge snapped the Santa Monica freeway in half, it was rebuilt in 84 days and L.A. commuters didn't pay a dime. 16 years after Loma Prieta, Bay Area commuters pay through the nose with higher bridge tolls, and still don't have a safe bridge.

Time to secede.


News Flash! Bush States the Obvious

I would like this to end as quickly as possible so we know the facts, and if someone committed a crime, they will no longer work in my administration.

George W. Bush - 2005/07/18

Well...almost certainly, Mr. President since this particular crime happens to carry up to 15 years in the Federal pen as the door prize, but perhaps you'd like to square this little piece of backtracking with the following:
In Sea Island, Ga. in June 2004, Mr. Bush was asked whether he would fire anyone who was involved in leaking Ms. Wilson's name - which might or might not violate the law, depending on the circumstances. Without hesitation, Mr. Bush said yes.

N.Y. Times

So the question arises again: Are you a liar, ethically challenged, or both, Mr President?


The Governor of Texas Panders Shamelessly...

...by uttering perhaps the single stupidest thing any politician has said all year. During the opening of the new home of Houston's Lakewood Church in the Compaq Center (the former home of the Houston Rockets), Perry said the following:
As lawmakers we do a lot of things, but only the church can teach people to love.
I don't think that I've ever heard such unmitigated, offensive crap! Well...OK...maybe not this last week.


Double Standards at Bush Co.

So here's what passes for ethics in the Bush administration: When you're pretty sure your chief advisor didn't have anything to do with a leak that could result if a Federal felony charge--or you're pretty sure he won't be implicated--trot out your spokesperson to deny any charges of wrongdoing. Then, two years later, when he actually is implicated, have your spokesperson refuse to comment because, "This is a question relating to an ongoing investigation..."

"But...Mr. McClellan? The investigation was ongoing in 2003 when you opened your big mouth."

McClellan's got a bigger problem than embarrassment in front of the White House Press Corp. though if, in fact, he was stupid enough to mouth Bush Co.'s flimsy denials in front of a grand jury. Remember that the Republicans went after Clinton for less.

As for President Neuman, he'll probably just keep on blathering on about how much confidence he has in Rove, repeating it over and over in the hope that it'll stick--sort of like how he constantly reiterates how great things are going in Iraq.


And the Winner Is... Karl Rove (Updated)

Like we all couldn't have predicted this back in 2003/2004, but just for good measure, here's what Bush had to say on the subject:
If there's a leak out of my administration, I want to know who it is. If the person has violated law, that person will be taken care of.

George W. Bush -- February 11, 2004

Well and good. Rove may have outed Valerie Plame deliberately in retaliation for Joseph Wilson (her husband) not towing the party line, or he may simply have spoken with extremely poor judgment, but that should be for a jury to decide.

So now Mr. President you have a choice. You can put up by ensuring that the coming indictment isn't obstructed by you, the Justice Department, or your Republican lackeys in congress. Or... you can SHUT THE FUCK UP!

[2005/07/11, 11:42 PDT]

From the N.Y. Times:
For two years, the White House has insisted that presidential adviser Karl Rove had nothing to do with the leak of a CIA officer's identity. And President Bush said the leaker would be fired. But Bush's spokesman wouldn't repeat any of those assertions Monday...
So... in the face of direct questioning by the White House Press Corp, McClellan clams up. What a bunch of spineless, ethically impaired, assholes.


Bush Co. Treads Water on Jobs

Witless conservatives all over the blogsphere are trumpeting the most recent job creation numbers. For example Vilmar over at Right Wing Howler had this to say:
For those really stupid democrats and other liberal posters hiding behind anonymity when they comment, explain to me how things are bad in the economy when our unemployment rate is down to 5%?
Well, before we go out to celebrate the wonderful economy, take a look at this nifty little chart from the National Review. (The National Review, for god's sake!) Setting aside the Review's pathetic attempt to spin this as some kind of vindication for Bush, take a look at the connections between presidents. Clinton inherits 6+ percent unemployment from G.H.W. Bush (it was actually way over 7% when Clinton took office) and drives it down to below 5% in his second term. Pretty astounding, huh?!

Bush Co. in contrast, gets Clinton's rate and manages to skewer it with a million lost jobs. Only now have jobs recovered with 6 months of solid growth. Of course a big chunk of the last two months is seasonal employment in construction.

Wanna take bets on whether or not Bush Co. can hold on to the gains?


Time For Novak To See the Inside of a Chicago Jail Cell

Judith Miller of the N.Y. Times, who never even wrote about Valerie Plame case, is now in jail. Matthew Cooper of Time, who caved to the special prosecutor after his "source" gave him clearance, is not. So now it's time for Robert Novak to have his fat ass deposited in a Chicago jail cell, for being the first to out Ms. Plame. But alas, it's not to be. Why...

First, because Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor, isn't really interested in the results of the grand jury's investigation of the leak. He's already heard from multiple journalists, including two from the Washington Post, whose sources have waived confidentiality. No, this little shit is doing the bidding of his masters at Justice, by slapping down the one journalist who wouldn't cooperate...hard! (You shouldn't need it spelled out what that is all about.) Second, Novak has been given a pass because he's a conservative whose supports the administration. Gee...there's a surprise

So I say it's time for Fitzgerald to be dismissed for prosecutorial misconduct; Novak to go to jail; and for Karl Rove (the probable source) to be brought up on felony charges.

Nuff said.


How the housing boom is killing Hollywood.

Articles everywhere are crying about how bad a year Hollywood is having. Industry execs are blaming everything from piracy to DVDs. Critics are blaming the crappy fare the studios keep releasing, but their all wrong. The housing boom is killing Hollywood.

Think about it. With everybody from Sony to your brother-in-law telling you how great wide-screen television is, you're probably goin' to have one soon (if you don't already). With the lowest mortgage interest rates in history, everybody is leveraging themselves into more space than they really need. And, what are you gonna do with all that space? Why, build your own home theatre. That's what! Did you just refi and pull money out of your house? And what was the first thing that you bought after your Lexus S.U.V., an HDTV, right?

If you don't go to far overboard, making a movie room doesn't even cost that much. I did it, and I have a small (well small by American standards) flat in San Francisco. I mean, you've probably already got decent stereo. Just add some extra speakers; move stuff around for the best sound; install that plasma; add a comfy couch and voila!

Now think about theatres. If you're like us, you go to some overpriced metroplex at least 3 times a month. You pay $22 for tickets, $10 for snacks (even water costs 4 damn dollars!). So that's $32 x 3 x 12 = $1152 / year, and we walk to the theatre. You probably drive. So tack on a bit more. Now, look at the alternative, your home theatre room. It's quiet. No cell phone or bozos who can't keep their mouths shut. You get to watch what you want, when you want, and if you don't like the latest from Netflix-no guilt-shut it off and mail it back. The movies you screen aren't too loud, too soft, and are always in focus. I bet your movie room doesn't smell like sweat and stale popcorn.

Yup. No question about it. The housing boom is killing Hollywood.


Randy "Duke" Cunningham -- Another Republican Slimeball...

...is going down.

This guy is a genuine influence peddling, war-profiteering, slimeball, and now that the FBI has raiding his homes, it looks like he may be on the way down. Oh wait... Want to bet me on whether the Republican scum that control the House Ethics committee even allow an investigation?

Well, at least the House isn't in charge of whether or not he's brought up on Federal charges.

EGAD! O'Connor Retires

Justice Sandra Day O'Connor is stepping down, and soon the moderate center of the court will be destroyed by the Bush administration. Let me make this clear: This is a DISASTER for centrists and liberals in America because, if it had Rehnquist who'd resigned first we'd just have seen one conservative replaced by another. But O'Connor figures prominently, often as the swing vote, in many high-profile cases involving rights.

Here's how it's going to go down: Obviously Bush will use this opportunity to swing the court to the right, but he'll do it in one of two ways. He might appoint another woman or the court's first Hispanic (think Attorney General Alberto, "Torture is no big deal" Gonzales). If he does, and the Democrats so much as squeak in opposition in the Judiciary Committee, Republicans will bludgeon them into silence with charges of "bias". In fact, this scenario is so likely, that you can bet that Karl Rove and Senate leaders are already discussing it.

The other possibility is that he'll appoint a reactionary conservative, probably an "old white guy," who won't be inclined to move to the center, as justices often do once they're on the court. In this scenario, the Republican leadership in the Senate will bait Democrats into a filibuster that will then be used to demonstrate why the "the nuclear option" (doing away with judicial filibusters) must be exercised.

Either way, conservatives are going to win this one and further trash the Constitution. Because, let's face it, conservatives only dislike "activist" judges when those judges are not their judges. As Bush's appointment of Janice Rogers Brown suggests, a conservative willing to make law from the bench is a fine thing.