War on Christmas? Phooey - A War on Presents!

Not content with their successes in the War on Christmas (TM), evangelicals have stated that their next battle will be against the commericialism that pervades the season. The conservative American Family Association is suggesting that adults not give each other gifts next year. Tim Wildmon, association president said, "We want people to get back to what Christmas should be about," and suggested that comsumer cash be donated to charities, preferably one's that have "Christian values". Oddly though, he exempted children. Perhaps anticipating an outcry that would be heard from space.

Well, at Blognonymous we say, "Why wait!?" It's 8:30 am here in the Left Coast Blognon-y-hutch. That means that there are still 5 hours of return time left for you east coasters--a whole 8 hours for us here in Babylon by the Bay. Get those presents returned now! Sure your spouse will scream, the kids will cry, and your dog will howl, but won't you feel better knowing that you took all that ready cash and donated it to the needy?

The time has come for a war on presents!


you know it's the Christmas season when the "turkey fryer fire" stories hit CNN.
Who in the hell "fries" a turkey? Gott im Himmel! Diese leute sind veruckt!

(God in heaven! These people are crazy.)
"Not content with their successes to(sic) in the War on Christmas (TM?)"

What successes? We, the Seculars Against Nativities Terrorizing America (SANTA) have not yet begun to fight!
You ask who would fry a turkey??? well, the same idiots that Fry Twinkies ....and listen to Rush and Billy O....
and watch hours of Nascar and swill Whatever is poured down their throats....Bud, fried turkey and twinkies- now there is a good Christmas Dinner...
Enigma, I keep running into you. Blognonymous, you were looking for some new McClellan nicknames - the one to use is Reburiedscottbone.

To see it's reason and rationale and why 'Bush' started using it, you can read my recent post on McClellan. I think it works - it's appropriately clumsey and vague, but exact sounding in some ways. I'm trying to make this a meme.

New Meme: Reburiedscottbone, The Nickname for Scott McClellan.

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