Wagering Industrial Complex

The Last Honest Place In America by Marc Cooper, recently reviewed in the The Atlantic, has some sobering statistics on gambling in America. The most interesting tidbits include these:
  • There are now twice as many electronic gambling devices in the US (slots, video-poker, and the like...) as ATMs.
  • One in four Americans will visit a casino this year.
  • One in four adults lists gambling as their favorite form of entertainment.
  • Gamblers make an average of 6 visits a year to casinos or other gambling establishments.
  • Americans spend more on slot machines per year than they do on movie tickets.
I think we need to coin a new term for an industry that rakes in $48 billion per year. How about the Wagering Industrial Complex


It's pretty amazing isn't it? Growing up in a Christain Conservative household, I was always told that gambling was a sin and all that crap. Now, my still Christain, still conservative parents make trips to Vegas and play the lottory. It's strange how easily a supposed vise can become universally accepted. Maybe it's because while conservatives are against taxes (involuntary redistribution of wealth), they are all for gambling (voluntary redistribution of wealth).

Probably the only vise industry that outshines gambling is the porn industry.
Probably the only vise industry that outshines gambling is the porn industry.

Almost makes you want to invest your 401K in gambling and porn. Oh the returns!
Sin City is correct...
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