Truth Sometimes Shreds Fiction

Picture the scene: The man, a West Texas native, sits with his Minnesotan wife in a darkened theater. A Coen brother's crime thriller plays on the screen. Toward the end, a policewoman moves cautiously toward the back of a snowbound house where she hears a sound, like a chainsaw on steroids. The wife, looking puzzled, whispers to the husband, "That sounds like a chipper-shredder." He replies, aghast, "What's a chipper-shredder?!"

The man and his wife were the frogette and myself. The movie was Fargo, and you know the rest... Yesterday in Colorado, it happened for real. Eeeeewwwwww! That's a horrible way to go.


oh geez...the thing about Fargo was that it pretended to be based on a true story; although they just said that for cinematic effect, a lot of people believed it was real. How sad.
Great minds think alike, I just watched that movie on Christmas day... A classic.
At least what happened in Colorado was an accident...supposedly.
Accident? Not if you believe the story again...

"A man trimming trees was killed when he was pulled into a wood chipper BY HIS GLOVED HAND, authorities said."

Clearly, this gloved hand must be stopped before he kills again.
I agree with Rex. This man must be stopped before he kills again. And I think we all agree that the Coen Bros are the best thing to come out of Minnesota, moviewise. I remembe when I first saw 'Blood Simple' back in '85 or something. Had no idea who they were. Rented it cuz it looked interesting on the video shelf, something to go with a comedy. Wow. Only found out later they were from MN. Magnificent artists.
Hey, hey, hey......best thing to come out of Minnesota, short of the missus.
Yeah, OK, 'short of the missus'.

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