So It's Not The America You Think You Know - Deal With It!

This will be my last post for the year because I'm going to get something off of my chest, and afterwards I won't have the energy to do more.

On Monday Robert Steinback wrote an opinion piece for the Miami Herald that got picked up and repeated ad nauseam all over the Blogsphere. Even prominent left-leaning sites like Salon and Smirking Chimp reprinted it. The gist was that Mr. Steinback feels blindsided by all the illegal, unconstitutional, immoral acts that the Bush administration engages in under the guise of fighting the so-called War on Terror. He moans and whines about this being, "No America that I know," and Boing Boing, for their part, calls it "stirring".

You know what I call it: Self-indulgent, hand-wringing bullshit that comes at least three god-damned years too late! The signs that America had fundamentally changed were all around us way before 9/11, and anyone who couldn't see them was either a moron or a member of the administration.

On December 12, 2000, the day the Supreme Court improperly stopped the vote recount in Florida, we should have known that the judiciary was no longer acting to defend the Constitution but rather acting in their own interest, and some of us (not Mr. Steinbeck apparently) did.

We may not have know exactly how Bush would choose to abuse his authority, but on September 21, 2001 when he announced in a speech to the nation, "...you are either with us or with the terrorists," some of us sure as shit knew that he would.

We may not have known how thoroughly Congress would abdicate it's role as a check on the unrestrained exercise of executive power, but on the October 25, 2001 the day the USA Patriot Act passed the Senate, without a proper reading, no time for review, and almost no debate many of us knew that they would.

I think that Mr. Steinback is just another sniveling press hack who writes OpEd's in order to sell papers at any cost while the republic burns. I think that the America he sees is made up of sheep willing to trade liberty for security. I think that there is a whole different America out there, one made up of liberals, patriots, and yes, even bloggers who saw the signs and insisted on doing something about it. But now the question is, can we do more than bleat repeatedly into our world-wide-echo-chamber? There must be something more. Musn't there?

I'm tired now and am going to stop for a bit. Maybe with the coming of the new year, I'll be refreshed. Here's to hoping.


"Here's to hoping" indeed. My hopes go out to you for a 'Refreshing New Year'. I suppose my mother would tell me now, 'Don't get your hopes up!' Anyway, we have, as you say, our 'world wide echo chamber'. Geez, imagine where we'd be without the blogs, huh? We would have no clue what's really going on.
I'm with you, Kvatch. It was the 2000 Residential Selection that first knocked me for a loop. But regardless of whether we are able to get the other side to 'see the light', I believe it is our duty as Americans to do what we can. Whether we 'get our hopes up' or not is not the issue. The issue is whether each of us are willing to take action, regardless of whether it 'succeeds' or not. Otherwise, as I said in my post, we are complicit. My New Year's Resolution is going to be to keep the dialogue going in any way I can, whether by blogging, being active in my local Democratic party, or talking to people I meet. I want to at least present an alternative to the talking points which is all most people hear. Not by arguing or insulting (which just gets people's backs up and closes their minds even futher) but by putting the information out there. I will not be complicit in 2006.
We canaries in coal mines usually wind up much the worse for wear ...
You certainly tell it like it is. Good for you. I feel the same way about the people who are now saying they disapprove of the job the president is doing, and yet they voted for him a year ago. They had their chance in 2004 to make 2005 a better year, and yet they didn't. Also, I think a lot of our elected officials, including a lot of Democrats, especially those who voted for the war, etc, need to share responsibility for the mess the country is in. No guts, no glory. They showed no guts when it came time to vote on the war, and they should not get the glory now. That includes Kerry, Clinton and Edwards.
It was the patriot act day for me.

Honestly, I was with the notion of attcking the terrorists(I'd of course assumed he'd attack terrorists, not Iraq) but the day of the Patriot act, I raelized he was attacking Ameircans.

It's not going to be pleasant as I thought to say "I told you so" when it comes to the Shrub. Unseating him promises to be an upsetting state of affairs. But I am hopeful it will be done.

And, oh yeah -- you've been tagged.
Unless the complexion of congress changes (from red to blue) in 2006, the next two years are going to be (literally and figuratively) hell.
I too was upset about Steiback's piece, but for reasons different that yours. I mean, why would this previously-upstanding patriot suddenly start hating America? This was a man who wrote "The Grapes of Wrath," for heaven's sake!

Patriotically Yours,


P.S. Happy New Year, you liberal bastards.
In [spirit of] the words of the great Donald Rumsfeld:


got that?

Happy New Years everybody! Be safe and happy!
As always you all are an inspiration.

Alicia, you're absolutely right. You can never let the dialogue end. And Stacy, thanks for cracking open Rumy's Can-o-Whup-Ass. I think that I may make his words my operating principle for the next year.

So with that in mind, no more Kvatching!

Everyone have a safe and happy New Year's.
When you play a game of pick up basket ball in our hood, the rule on the court is no harm, no foul. Unfortunately, that rule does not extend to the W, Rove and co. And it did begin with the theft of the presidency by those bastard activist judges in the SCOTUS - friends of Georgie, conveniently appointed by his father and Reagan.

Perhaps Letterman (as in David) said it best a while back on the show, back when the news about the faulty intelligence came out - I'll paraphrase:

"Well, we now know that the president admits the intelligence used to make the decision to invade Iraq was wrong. Just plain wrong. That is astounding. This is unprecidented in the history of the United States (dramatic pause)

...Well, no harm done."

P.S. Thanks for blogrolling me, btw.

Blog on all and Feliez Ano Neueavo
Looks like you have recovered your energy in the New Year. Like your blog. Blog on!
Rich, thanks. Stop by anytime.

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