A Simple Holid--uh--Christmas Question

Why do conservatives, especially neo-cons and witless talking heads, consider secularism to be bad for the US but good for Iraq?


Do you want a serious answer to this ? or a humorous sarcastic one ?? ( I have had a bad nite..three guesses which one I would love to give...)
Is a society where religion has to spread on it's own, and not through the state so hard to implement?

There should be a department of pre-religion like pre-crime, which seeks out forces against a secular government... is that serious and sarcastic enough? :)
I have had a bad nite

Looks like everyone hosted at Blogger is having a bad night. Maybe the neo-cons are hitting back--disabling the tool of those lefty kooks.

"Fire in the hole!"

"But sir, what the conservative's who use Blogger?"

"There are conservative's who use Blogger? Damn!"
Oh, my god- Not Conservative Bloggers??!!! Holy shit batman......When Fascism comes it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a bible....(someone said this in 1933 but for the life of me I can't remember???)
There seems to be confusion in this country between Constitutionally protected "free practice thereof" and the idea of "separation of church and state".

Much of it, I believe, stems from the extension of the separation idea to imply that anything resembling a Christian reference in public is somehow equal to a "congressional endorsement" of such religion.

And unfortunately this topic seems to be carried by the extremes of both sides.

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