The "Shrub Needs a Better Nickname" Contest

Stacy (Cafe Politico) did an excellent post recently on the administration's Machiavellian attempt to prevent a SCOTUS review of the Padilla case. Now with new revelations that Bu$hCo tried to kill the NSA surveillance story, I got to thinking about other great manipulators of the office of the president.

All of these sort of men had one thing in common, a great nickname. "Tricky Dick". "Slick Willie". Certainly better nicknames than "shrub". So I think that it's about time that we gave G.W. a nickname befitting his stature. Thus, I leave it to you my dear readers.

Send 'em in and I'll announce a winner in a few days. Though Blognonymous has little to offer how about a guest post linked to your own blog as a prize, with our-not quite, but pretty close to--eternal gratitude thrown in for good measure. :-)

And here we have the winners!


The Dear Leader.

(or there's always Grumpy Old Man's "Deacon Dumb")
You really know how to run a contest! This is one I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into. You see, I have several I'd love to humbly submit (although I have to admit I love the nickname "shrub"). Can we make more than 1 entry? Regardless, here they are:

1) Junior Beady-eye
2) Creep O’ The Hill
3) Lil’ Pest
4) PuppetBoy
5) The Vacuous One
6) Ol’ Deer-In-The-Headlights
7) Twitchy The Dupe
8) The Great Blunderer
9) Bitch-O-Cheney
10) J. Fred Muggs
this one is already out there
Comandante... Damn, and it's the first link! Gotta love Google. :-)
( None of these are polite...ahem, my apoligies...clear the children from the room)

1) Condi's Stilletto-Boy
2) Rummy's Wet Dream
3) No Scrotum,No Cerebrum
4) Nuke-le-arrse
5) Constitution Defecator
6) Kitty Litter King ( after what he did to our Constitution)
7) Founding Father Fuckinator
8) Salivating Surveillanator
9) Mad Cowboy
10) No. 9999999.... ( His Prison Number)
I think the Torturer in Chief (we should have known he would be a torturer before he was elected just by the way he tortured English) deserves as much courtesy as he gives, enigma4ever. That isn't much.

My two favorites are "President Mumblef**k" (I try not to write out curse words in blogs, but I think you know what goes in place of the asterisks) and "President Chauncey Gardener", because when he explains things he sounds like Chauncey Gardener of Being There.
Ill Douche Bag
oooh, the Torturer In Chief, that is good...and you are right he does not deserve much..but I didn't want to offend any of the literate souls here...

on that note my 14yr son has some to contribute...

1) Impeacheable Illiternator
2) Hitlers Honcho
3) Constitutional Crapper
4) The High Wizard ( my son thinks he is in the Klan...I am starting to wonder too)
OK Enigma and Helen, you ladies are uncorked!

How about picking one or two favorites? Give your poor judge a break, or he's gonna go recruiting for other judges and you two will be first in line. :-)
Here's my entry, though I think that I'd have to be disqualified:

The Great Confabulator
White House George is best: the "white" evokes the racist beginning of the neo-con Crusade, and "house" reminds of those without one.

Seize the summer-houses!
Aux barricades!
To see "White House George" used in a sentence, see the second sentence at DeepEndNews.com.

Using "George" may evoke King George, Gorgeous George (melodramatic wrestler), George Gobel, Bush Pere of CIA.
I have many names for him.

the Kowboy Koward of Krawford (Enigma - check the initials)

the Resident

Incurious George

His Majesty the Baby

I have lots more, but I'll stop here.
Mike Malloy calls him 'Chucklenuts'.
ohh, my the Kowboy Koward of Krawford...( my son is very impressed....) good very good..just put to shame...

( Dubya wouldn't even notice the spelling problems)

And hey- how come my comments still have a trashcan???
My wittle feelings are hurt...I don't face Deletement do I?
Great contest! I have to think on this one. But I'll throw in my hat with the other wonderful entries with a few off the top of my head suggeestions:


-The Chimperor

-Commander Cocaine

-Imperious George

-Torturer In Chief

ok, gotta do some more thinking

(and thanks for the shout out to my Padilla post) :)
I have a 14 year old son, too - they have some fabulous ideas. I trust my son's judgment, honesty and good sense more than any of these cretins now occupying the seats of power.
and I think the trash cans just mean we can delete our own posts if we like...
And hey- how come my comments still have a trashcan???
My wittle feelings are hurt...I don't face Deletement do I?

Enigma. Nope, not at all. You're a Blogspot member right? If so, the system recognizes that you're logged on and is simply showing that you can delete your own comments. If you're not logged on or are not a Blogspot member, you don't get that privilege.

and 'Chauncey Gardener' is so very apt!

How about Scurrilous George?
Ooh ooh ooh!! How bout Kaptain Koolaid!
Somebody suggested "Mad Cowboy." I like that one.

Miserable Failure
King George
The Yellow Moe of Texas?

Daddy's Little Dictator?

Or my personal favorite (and a shameless plug for my stupid little blog,) Spurious George?
Confabulator is awesome...oh, and I see Marie Antoinette came by... not a Cake Walk for her lil'georgie....
Just this one: Dubious Dubya
I am laughing my butt off!! GEEEZ! How are you going to decide? Of mine, I guess I can narrow it down to "J. Fred Muggs" and "Twitchy The Dupe." But that's just my first reaction.

Chucklenuts!!! Kowboy Koward of Krawford! CHauncy Gardener! Constitutional Crapper!! I love them all! I can't possibly decide. Spurious George! Gawd.

Kvatch, you sure got your work cut out for you. They are all soooo goood. I'm going to link to this so other folks can get as good a laugh as I am. Geeez!
I absolutely LOVE "Ill Douche-bag". It's brilliant on so many levels.
I've always called him The Bushleaguer...

...born on third, thought he hit a triple...
Since Dubya is the war pResident

Commander Cuckoobananas

should be his title
Try Pinocchio, as in puppet given to massaging the truth.
Name for shrub...

Wimp Jr.
Rictus Imbecilus, but I don't think Bush is that dumb - I'm just playing to the crowd.

But if wanna see what nicknames I imagine Bush giving his staff, stop by my blog
I still like the yellow rose of Texas...

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