Schwarzenegger's $81 Million Delay

Now we know how much it cost when the Governator stopped construction on the new eastern span of the Bay Bridge.

16 years after Loma Prieta, and the seismically unsound eastern span still hasn't been replaced. Guess if the Bay Bridge had been located in Orange County it would have been replaced with the same speed that L.A.'s freeways were rebuilt after Northridge.

You can check out that timeline here.


glad i'm here in in NYC where Pataki keeps the bridges safe ...

Wow. Has it been that long? That was the World Series earthquake that pancaked the Oakland freeway right?

*just realized how old I'm getting*

Not to take anything away from Ahnold, but you have to wonder why Pete Wilson and Gray Davis did nothing about it either.

(former Cali resident, emphasis on former)
Right you are Drew. But Davis and Wilson really have little to do with the delays. The balance of power in the CA Assembly is held by SoCal, and they had to authorize the funds. That's why Angelino's get their freeways rebuilt in 3 years, and the Bay Area is still waiting.

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