Sami al Arian Acquitted in Florida

For my Dept. of Justice readers ;-) ...

John Ashcroft called this poor schmuck Islamic Jihad's North American leader, but after a 6 month trial, 80 witnesses, thousands of hours of wiretap recordings going all the way back to 93, the government wasn't able to prove it. Even their best evidence, recordings of al Arian negotiating with Islamic Jihad leaders in 1994 didn't hold up when weighed against an opportunistic prosecution that started with al Arian's indictment after 9 years.

But now that he's been cleared on 8 of 17 counts, including the most serious, conspiracy to maim or commit murder (deadlocked on the others), has the government released him? Nope, their still holding him while they decide whether or not to waste more money retrying him on the deadlocked counts.

Here's a hint for the DoJ: You bungled the first case so badly maybe you should quit while you're behind, lest you make it tougher to prosecute any more decade old cases.


HEY - you're not allowed to use that seal with PERMISSION. We're sending over a posse!
Love, Alberto
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You know, the DOJ is an embarrassment- the political appointments over there are turning it into a joke- thank god for some of the career Justice folks who are actually taking their jobs seriously (like in the civil rights division and who are leaking shit left and right to embarrass Gonzales).

So, is this another guy we "didn't torture"? Another guy we held forever and assumed was guilty until shown to be otherwise.


I only wish he could turn around and sue their asses for violating his civil rights.

The only hope is that each high profile case they bring before the courts- they continue to lose and then perhaps Americans will begin to see that the Administration is full of crap and the overzealous prosecuting is just a bunch of PR to make it sound (at the time) like we are making progress in the war on terror.
Kvatch, I'm coming over there with a waterboard and some nipple clamps. Don't MESS with me!
I only wish he could turn around and sue their asses for violating his civil rights.

Quite the contrary, Stacy. Today I read that now the Feds are considering deportation. Talk about your sour grapes.

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