Rice to Europe: "The end justifies the means."

So now we know how Condeleezza Rice is going to address the growing firestorm in Europe over secret prisons and CIA transport flights. She dropped the bomb this morning just before leaving the US, saying that:
The intelligence so gathered has stopped terrorist attacks and saved innocent lives -- in Europe as well as in the United States and other countries
She also remarked that she's not at liberty to discuss information that would,"compromise the success of intelligence, law enforcement, and military operations." And she concluded with the expectation that other nations share this view.

Translation: "The end justifies the means. We know what's best for you on this issue, so trust us, and stop talking about it as I don't intend to discuss it further."

Yup. This is going to be a great trip for the Sec. of State.


you vil do eet zis vay, und you vil like it zis vay!
Ah, but wouldn't some nice tall, leather jack-boots look good with that speech?

Our so-called "leaders" speak

With words they try to jail ya

They subjugate the meek

But it's the rhetoric of failure.

Where does the answer lie?

We live from day to day.

Is it something we can buy?

There must be another way.

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