The President's Reading List

In the most overrated story of the week we find out that, on his upcoming vacation, President Neuman will be reading a volume about Theodore Roosevelt after his presidency, and two things pop into our minds here at Blognonymous. First, Bush might want to try something a little more timely and less focused on his legacy considering that he's up to his eyes in the shit right now, and second...WHO THE F**K CARES!

Jeez! Google is listing 123 instances of this dreck. No wonder the demise of the MSM is supposedly right around the corner. Arrrrggggghhhhhh! But I bet we can do better. So how about it? Anybody have any reading suggestions for the Prez?


Thanks for doing this- I was going to..but you beat me to it...thanks...Here's a start...alot for poor Ol' Laura to read at Milk& Cookie nap- time...
(3) His Effin OATH of Office
(4) All the President's Men
(5) The Theft of the Nation
(6) Mr.Roger's Book on How Not to Tell LIES
Enigma, all excellent suggestions. I'd add, The End of Oil or perhaps Twilight in the Desert. Give him something to think about that will be very, very pertinent in his post-presidential years.
oh, those are good, oily epics, kind of like House of Saud

..some more...
Price of Loyalty by Joe Wilson.....

and the books by Clark and Oneill,C.Whitman maybe he needs to "read "the books about What is Wrong with his "leadership" ( cough,gag) style...
Yeah, READ MY LIPS: Resign! Go the hell away! Go chew on brush, get drunk, be yourself!
Man, I hate him and all his cohorts and minions.
For once, I'll be serious.

I'm probably the last person to do so, but I've been reading David McCullough's "1776," and have found it fascinating and relevant. Maybe, just maybe, if someone read it to him W might see the dangerous similarities between the war of his making and the British resistance to accept reality.

Christ, who am I kidding? Is "My Pet Goat 2" out yet?
Rex- 1776 ? Isn't that like REAL thick ? and a gazillion pages ? and does it have pictures ? and doesn't it say some pretty "rad " things about King George ? ....I think you better stick with Pet Goat the Series....
Part II: What the Goat did in Iraq....
Part III: What the Goat did when his Friend Turd Blossum went to Prison....
Part IV: What Uncle Dick did after Goat's Friend Turd went to Prison....

okay..I need to stop...
How about the red section of the New Testament?
Yeah, I'm assuming we're all supposed to be impressed that it's not "My Pet Goat 2." I'll betcha that he's going to listen to the book on tape, though, because dollars to donuts he doesn't have the concentration to READ that big ole book.

Meanwhile, if we're lucky Teddy will rise up out of the pages and thwack ole dubya on the head. Teddy was pretty much the Environment Presient, after all. I'm sure every time we type ANWR he turns over in his grave again.
How about 'MY PET BUSH'?
I expect the ‘Collected Memos of Dick Cheney’ would be an enlightening read for good ole W. I’m sure his lackeys could ‘covertly’ compile the book fairly quickly. Be interesting to see how often Dick just wishes W would ‘fuck off’ as he puts it, and let real men run things.

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