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This has been reposted on behalf of BlairWatch. The documents in question have been hosted on Blognonymous to give them a repository outside of the UK and include telegrams and communications between Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, and the Foreign Office. They detail the UK's use of intelligence gained through torture and Murray's complaints on the subject until he was forced from his post by Jack Straw.


In the words of BlairWatch:
It's not the al-Jazeera Memo, but these are some more documents that the
UK Government are trying to supress with the threat of prosecution under
the Official Secrets Act. They detail our use of intelligence extracted
by torture, and legal advice the Foreign Office received on the subject,
and we need to get them out there as soon as possible before the
government act.
BlairWatch's latest post on the subject can be found here.


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