Nuclear Option Go BOOM!

Like a modern day boogeyman, Bill Frist wants to scare all the little Democrat children by threatening to use the nuclear option if they filibuster Samuel Alito's Supreme Court nomination. Frist said it again on Sunday, and presumably he'll say it for every court nominee, every appointment, in every circumstance he can.

Well I say Democrats need to show some backbone and let Frist attempt do away with judicial filibusters. The Supreme Court is poised to start feeding on the Republican base, giving Democrats an opportunity to force the court back to the left in 5 years rather than 20. In other words, Democrats need to play to win instead of acting like pansy-ass conservatives's lite.

Read more on why an Alito filibuster has to happen here.


Am I the only one who thinks Frist is a total joke? I mean, does he really have any credibility after his not-so-blind stock fiasco which is only escalating, making a royal ass of himself in the Terri Schiavo case and having a full blown hissy fit when Senator Reid closed the senate session about a month ago?

And then there is that whole experimenting on cats thing which totally creeps me out.
I don't think that Frist is long for the Majority-leader-ship. Wasn't he a compromise in the first place?

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