NSA Bakes Cookies

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In a flagrant violation of government policy, it was revealed yesterday that NSA has been spying on bazillions of unsuspecting Americans by setting persistent cookies with unusually long expiration times in the browsers of visitors to the agency's website. An NSA spokesperson said that the cookies were harmless and that it was all the result of a prank played by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld on agency director Hayden. But when asked why the cookies were named echelon and total-information-awareness, NSA's representative replied, "No comment."


How surprising is this, though? After they've been caught possibly listening to every word transmitted electronically.

It's wrong, and it's a violation of policy, but I just can't seem to summon the outrage for it.

In the face of everything else, I think I'm outraged out. And since you read me, you know that's saying alot.

Carry the torch please, while I try to find my inner Libertarian again.

I can guarantee that somewhere in there he's sputtering mad.


They are also planting stale M & M's in convenience stores.
Okay, I'm back this morning.

I came across a blog this morning talking about the Whitehouse.gove website also leaving similar permanent cookies. Sorry, don't have a link, it was a link through from somewhere, but it was a blog, so a little bloggers earch should turn it up if you're interested.

Having worked for an Internet privacy company, I'm of the opinion that nobody should be surfing with persistent cookies turned on anyway. That's why I think this NSA cookie thing is really overblown and jazzed up the story.

Is NSA doing things they're not supposed to? Of course, but I'm not outraged out...this thing is small potatoes, and the MSM is full of nitwits for hyping it.
Are they the biggest bunch of liars ever? Amazing, particularly the part about *naming* the cookies.

But have you noticed how these stories die down quickly- sure wasn't like that during the Clinton years. Today, everybody just shruggs their shoulders and goes, "oh, they did something else they shouldn't have?" and a few days later the story disappears and the WH continues to spin or just refuse to comment altogether.

heard much about Plamegate lately?

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