New Information on CIA Flights Spells Trouble for Condi

The BBC is reporting that German air traffic controllers have handed over lists of flights suspected of being operated by the CIA, not all of which landed at the US base at Ramstein. If any of these flights are discovered to have carried prisoners being spirited to the alleged prisons in Eastern Europe, the heat on Bu$hCo is going to get much more intense.

This is going to place Condoleezza Rice in a very difficult position when she travels to Europe next week, especially considering that her job there is to do damage control by getting the Europeans to shut up about the prisons. But this also spells potential trouble for the German government in light of EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner, Franco Frattini's threats of last week.

The plot thickens...


This will be interesting, particularly as Miss Congeniality has now sent the message "dont fuck with me fellas" and clearly is setting up to not answer any of their questions about any of this, despite her assurances to the contrary just a week ago.

I hadnt seen this news about the CIA flight lists. I wonder if the Euro will back down under pressure from Condi and the neocons or will they stand up and fight this, particularly as its a violation of international law (not to mention the law of their own countries)? Also, since the war (and the US) is so unpopular in most of those countries I would think their own electorates would put pressure on them to get answers from the US.

I hope they dont back down.

Great blog btw
Stacy, this isn't the only problem Condi's got. Another MSM article has noted that a parlimentary select committee (UK) has put forward the opinion that CIA flights landing in the UK may violate international law, all by itself.
Since when do the neocons adhere to the law? International law is for sissies. And Europeans are sissies.


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