A New Cell Phone Scourge - Calls from the Crapper

I don't know if this is happening where you live, but I've noticed a new low in bad cell phone behavior: Calls from the crapper-what might be referred to as the Potty Call.

It happens like this, some idiot who can't stand to be off his cell, not even for one minute, enters the men's, whips out his pecker, and takes a piss, all the while continuing to blab on his phone. Can you believe this!? A call that is sooooo important that you can't even put the callee on hold while you do your business!

What must the poor schmuck on the other end think? Gee what's that sudden echo? Or maybe, Do I hear rushing water? I've even seen some of these bozos whip out their cell just before they enter the toilet stall!

Well I say we need to put a stop to this! How about cell jammers installed in urinals? Or the next time you see one of these guys--dick in hand, RAZR to ear--shout out, "Dude!? Do you hold your phone with that hand?"

If we don't act now, you'll soon see the Verizon nerd in the men's. "Can you hear me piss? Goooood!"


I always hate shit talkers.
I can't imagine what kind of moron thinks that calling from the john is a good idea.
I think I would at least cover the phone when I flushed ...
For those of us that grew up in homes with telephones that had extra-long cords... this is nothing new. Nothing new to my old friends, that is.


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