Leon Co., Florida Throws Diebold Out - California Should Be Next

Schneier on Security and Black Box Voting are both reporting on how Leon Co., FL has dumped Diebold after security expert, Harri Hursti, successfully hacked a voting machine's memory card.

In California we're still waiting on such a test, and it's high time Secretary of State McPherson pulled his head out of his ass and got on with it.

In related news, DBK at Blanton's and Ashton's is tirelessly working to raise the visibility of H.R. 550 and could use your help with a campaign to put this issue on the air. Click on over and help out by petitioning Randi Rhodes to get H.R. 550 discussed on Air America.



But it isn't actually "tirelessly". I kind of take time out to watch The Apprentice on Thursdays, for one thing.
Hey, I thing Blognonymous is running 2 to B&A's 6 or 7 posts on the issue. That's pretty tireless to me. Just hope McPherson takes the hint, and does something.

This post will get picked up in the CA section of Lefty Blogs, so hopefully some traffic traction will be generate there as well.

So perhaps there is some justice after all? What will it take for this issue to penetrate the blinders of the mainstream media? Raw Story and brad blog reported Diebold has a whistleblower- now the media just needs to connect the dots.

Americans can't be outraged if they don't know about it.
"What will it take for this issue to penetrate the blinders of the mainstream media?"

A lot, I think. The security problems with Diebold have been reported on the fringes for many years with no real uptaks in the MSM. Only seem to be interested in the scandal angle. CEO resigning and such.

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