I Spy, You Spy, Everybody Spies

This evening we've got a pair of disturbing articles describing far reaching surveillance programs that violate constitutional guarantees against unlawful searches and seizures.

First up...the NY Times (subscription required, sorry) is reporting that, in the months after 9/11, Bu$hCo authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on hundreds of Americans without court orders. At issue is the fact that NSA's charter only allows them to monitor entirely foreign communications, and the calls and emails in question originated within the US and thus would normally require FISA warrants. Moreover, the number of people under surveillance has steadily grown till it numbers in the thousands. Bu$hCo has asserted that, ..existing safeguards are sufficient to protect the privacy and civil liberties of Americans, while conveniently omitting that the secretive nature of the program has kept it from being tested against any of the existing safeguards.

Second, reports from NBC shed additional light on a Pentagon program that identifies and monitors anti-war protestors and organizations. The Defense Department has defended this practice with the rubric that the Pentagon has a legitimate force protection obligation within the US. Unfortunately, the list of organizations and events includes many that did not target the military. MSNBC's report includes a nifty link to excerpts from the DoD's database.

As the bullshit piles higher and deeper, the question is no longer what this administration will do under the guise of fighting terrorism but rather what Bu$hCo won't do.


The liberties (no pun intended) that this "government" is taking against it's own people in the sake of national security is a scary cross between McCarthy and Nixon and no one is standing up to these people or challenging what they are doing. I bet if he got his knob waxed then people would be up in arms about it. Let's recap: dick sucking bad, destroying civil liberties good.
dick sucking bad

Reminds me of a joke that I read recently. Something to the effect of, "I wish Bush would just get a blowjob so that we could get on with the impeachment."
And Raw Story was reporting that the NYT has known about this for about a year but sat on the story- I am not sure why but it probably has something to do with kissing the ass of the administration and not rocking the boat.

This issue definitely warrants an investigation
...probably has something to do with kissing the ass of the administration and not rocking the boat.

Nope, base commerce.

The way I heard it, they held the story to coordinate it with the release of a new book by the author. Go figure. That line the NYT is using in the article about the "request of the administration" is just bull.
So Bush had the Patriot Act ( since Oct2001)- which allows Plenty of spying and Invasion of Privacy, and then we find out the Pentagon has been spying and now the NSA....gee, are we Really shocked ?! I don't think so...
and they are spying on normal citizens like you and me- and that isn't even paranoia, that is just Orwellian Common Sense....NOW can we Impeach these bastards ??- or is violating the Constitution no big deal ???...Is THIS the kind of Democracy that "we" are "spreading" ?

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