Force Accountability on Diebold, Support H.R. 550

I've blogged before on Diebold's attempt to circumvent California's voting-machine certification process, which would be a crippling blow to vote accountability in this state. But there is one additional line of defense--legislation before Congress that would mandate a verifiable paper trail.

According to VerifiedVoting.org, H.R. 550, the Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2005, sponsored by Rush Holt (D. NJ) is the Gold Standard of a swarm of bills currently before congress. But this bill needs your help to get it out of committee where it's languished since March. Go here and add your name to the petition supporting this bill.

Californians especially need this legislation, since our Republican administration is trying their damnedest to circumvent the public commentary process in order to allow Diebold back into this state. Take action now.


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