The Folly of Nation Building - One View of the US

The December 1st New York Review of Books has an excellent article on how madrasas are going about the task of educating the poor in the Muslim world--a very revealing article with many insights on how the US is viewed in places like Pakistan.
We are in a good strong position. Bush has woken the entire Islamic world. We are grateful to him.

Maulana Sami al-Huq, Director of the Haqqania madrasa, Pakistan


It's often been said that in one decision, George Bush did what all the Islamic terrorists couldn't do in twenty years.

The goal of 9-11 was certainly to shock the US, but more importantly to provoke a reaction.

The US could've chosen many courses after 9-11; the much maligned "criminal approach" would've solved the problem without fuelling the other side, for instance.

There are only a few things that the US could've done which would've created more backlash(invading Saudi for instance.)

We played right into Bin Laden's game, and despite the impressive "metrics" and all the numbers three and fours we have supposedly detained, their side is growing, and thus, we're losing the war on terror.

Thanks for bringing this up.


By the way, if you care, I'm gonna drop a link to you one my blog. After reading down, I like what you have to say.

Mike, always a pleasure to interact with someone that has some interest in how we could gone about things differently.

The N.Y.R.o.B really does a great job of laying out that path we might have taken.

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