European Spy Agencies in Collusion With the CIA?

The Guardian is reporting on an pair of "bombs" that Dick Marty, the Swiss investigator of rendition allegations in Europe, dropped in his report to the Council of Europe yesterday. (I should note that these items are missing from most US reporting that I've seen.)

First the Guardian or Marty, it's not clear which, asserts that the abduction of prisoners may have been assisted by European intelligence agencies, in collusion with the CIA, but without the knowledge of their governments. Did I read that right? Seems that Europe may be experiencing their own version of COINTELPRO, and that Condi's remarks on Europeans agreeing with us on the necessity of unusual measures may have been more than just words.

Second, Marty increased the pressure on the member states by asserting that any EU member found to have assisted with extraordinary rendition "...would stand accused of having seriously breached their human rights obligations to the Council of Europe". At the same time, the British Parliament was informed by a professor of international law that failure to fully investigate the allegations by itself would break European law.

So much for Bu$hCo trying to put out this fire.


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