Disgusted With Politics, The North Magnetic Pole Emigrates

From the f-A-ke.P.:

Disgusted with the state of politics in the United States, the North Magnetic Pole, a staunch conservative known to hold positions for years, centuries even, has announced its intention to emigrate.

When asked why, the geomagnetic phenomenon replied:
I just can't stand it when a good man like President Bush caves in to those damn l'bruls. Him giving in to John McCain was the last straw.

I'm headed for Russia. Putin knows how to deal with the press and turncoat legislators who won't stay in line.
The pole was last seen exiting North America at a rate that will put it near Siberia within 50 to 100 years.


We are the refugees of Typepad ... Can we live in your blog for awhile?
B'freude... if you actually want to post on Blognonymous, I'll give you an account...RIGHT NOW!



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