CDC Says - "All your trips are belong to us"

Haven't seen much coverage of this in the MSM or the Blogs, but the Centers for Disease Control is preparing to mandate the gathering of personal information on an unprecedented scale.

Under the guise of preparing to combat a pandemic, CDC wants to force airlines to track...well...everything about you and your travels and to make the data available in databases that CDC would have direct access to. In fact, the information they want eclipses what is currently gathered by the Dept. of Homeland Security and includes:
* First, last and middle names, in addition to suffixes.
* Current home address, including street, apartment number, city, state/province and ZIP code.
* Mobile, home or pager phone numbers.
* E-mail address.
* Passport or travel document, including the issuing country or organization.
* Traveling companions or group.
* Flight information, including date, airline, flight number and return flight details.
* Name, address and phone number of an emergency contact.
Now imagine, if you can without barfing, an overzealous Bu$hCo Justice Dept. going to CDC and saying, "We want all of your records on every individual that flew into New York in the 5 days before the Republican National Convention." Think that can't happen? Well CDC claims that they'll apply "rigorous" privacy standards to the data, but when it comes to another federal agency, one armed with a FISA investigation warrant, don't bet on that data staying private...not for one minute.


Hello Big Brother
Der Fadderland ooops I mean "The Homeland" needs to know these things to keep us safe. Y'know, how they kept us safe from 9/11 terrorists, hurricanes like Katrina, etc., etc. If you don't comply, you will be blown to bits and/or washed away. How hard is that to understand?

Now, get in line and don't argue, like the rest of the soon-to-be goose-stepping crowd. No independent thought, please, you screw it up for everyone else.

Oh and BTW, you CAN bring scissors on board planes again, so maybe Big Brother is not all THAT invasive after all, right?
And I'm sure they will use the Avian Flu as an excuse to exercise these new powers. I feel a conspiracy theory coming on...
In fact, I think that Avian Flu was specifically mentioned in the article. The CDC is coming for ya, porkchop.

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