Bush: "I have seen the French, and they are us."

So according to CNN, Bush will give a speech today in Philadelphia where he'll compare Iraqis to our Founding Fathers:
The president would argue that, like the Americans who gathered in Philadelphia for the constitutional convention in 1787, Iraqis are showing their resolve to govern themselves.
Say what!?

Well, I guess that as far as the war in Iraq goes, that would make us...THE FRENCH! Bwahahahahahah!


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Or maybe: Oui! :-)

Wait...I get it. You're quoting Bush.
You dont expect Bush to get that kind of irony, do you?

I bet he couldn't name five of the Founding Fathers.
Even more startling is that W took some questions from ordinary folks. And one woman nailed him on the whole 9/11 and Iraq connection. His answer is very revealing. You can locate the whole thing over at the whitehouse dot gov location or travel over to my location and view my post about it, saving your valuable clicks in the process.

Blog on all.
You dont expect Bush to get that kind of irony, do you?

Not at all. It was only my hope that you, my dear readers, would get it. :-)

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