"Body in Big Bird's Nest"

Gets the coveted Blognonymous' Most Sensationalist Headline of the Week award.

And the poor woman was killed by the caretaker. Sheesh. Read all about it here.

The runner-up is E! Online's whore-of-a-post, "Body Found at Big Bird's Nest".

(Blognonymous would like it known that no muppets were harmed in the creation of this post.)


Glad to know you are a culture of lifer for muppets.

Thanks for the comment over at my location. You are right about meds being a good thing on occasion. Could be a classic case of BWI or BUI.

Blog on Blognon.
I always knew that big yellow bird was no good.
I'll bet Big Bird's gay, and James Dobson is going to out him after this incident. I mean, he pals around with Ernie and Bert, and those two...
Man, that is one gory story, not fit for the kiddies at all, eh?

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