BART subtly discouraging transit riders.

Noticed this when it happened to me last Friday. Bay Area Rapid Transit has discontinued the $30 "high-value" pass (gives you $32 of value using BART's paltry 6.25% discount). In fact, BART mentioned this on their website in early November -
BART riders have consistently commented that higher value discount tickets are more convenient and better accommodate their travel needs. The $48 high value ticket and $64 high value ticket will continue to be available.
You know what I say, BULLSHIT! Most riders don't buy $30.00 tickets, save for one group, Commuter-check users. $30.00 is the most frequently issued denomination. Commuter-check users don't have control over what they're given, and BART gives no refunds if you overpay with the checks. All of this adds up to money savings for BART, already one of the most expensive and, at the same time, stingiest transit systems in the nation.

All I can say is that this is not helping to encourage cagers to give up their cars.


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