30,000 Erroneously Matched to TSA's "No-fly" List

And here's what it means: You get singled out for special screening, and if TSA isn't satisfied what they find, you don't fly. That's what the no-fly list is about, after all. Though TSA's Redress Office does claim that, to date, no person "erroneously" matched to the list has been prevented from boarding their flight.

Want to get your name removed? Two words, you can't. Even if you submit TSA's verification documents...in triplicate...notarized (because that's the way they want it)...and wait the 45 to 60 days for TSA to approve it...and they do...they still won't remove your name. Nope. Then you're put on the special clearance list which is something they check when you get flagged for extra attention. But...can you use those convenient little unmanned kiosks that have been popping up at the larger airports? No. Can you avoid check-in altogether by carrying your bags on. No again! You get the dubious honor of having to present yourself to the gate agent every time you fly.

And finally, does TSA make their list available so that, if you're not really on it, you can avoid these hassles altogether? Again...NO! Role the dice and take your chances.

Are we having fun yet?


Think it can't happen? Think again. I am a mom, a nurse, and ran en environmental health org.( non profit).We reported a large , very large chemical company for dumping, and guess what, because we named hazardous explosive substances we were placed on terror watch lists, and put on no fly lists. and under the Patriot Act , the feds even sent people to doctors offices for my records. ...Can I fly ? am I on a list? yes....and the worst part is there are 1000's of us living like this, in America...right here, your neighbors...patriotic souls trapped in their own country. Never underestimate how Orwellian this Regime is.
Other than my Complaint above- here is a really compelling article about this fascist situation:
http://www.alternet.org/story/23362, It is an article by Mr Graham a Writer and peace activist , who is also on the List for some unknown reason. If you read the Comments section to his piece you also see other's stories.

[Something to remember Hitler never broke a law- his laws, not one. He had many solitors /lawyers on his staff-many.]
John Gilmore, technologist and philanthropist, simply refuses to fly until the Feds drop their requirement for identification of air travelers. In fact he hasn't flown since 2002 when a Southwest Airlines gate agent refused to issue him a boarding pass without ID and then refused his request for the text of any regulations requiring ID. The government has also refused his request and won't even admit that such regulations exist.

Interesting, Gilmore vs. Gonzales, John's case against the government on that last point will be heard by the 9th Circuit today.

More here.
ANOTHER illegal use of a federal logo ... pack your bags Kvatch, you're headed for Guantanamo!
Love, Alberto
"... pack your bags Kvatch, you're headed for Guantanamo!"

And this time I didn't even copy it. Ha-ha-hahahah! But...I am not afraid of you, empty-headed animal food trough wiper. Go and boil your bottom, son of a silly person. :-)
This is such classic Government bullshit. It took me an entire day online just to find the form that "gets you off" the no-fly list. Want to know where it is? Google TSA no fly form. Those geniuses will send you right to the PDF. It's the fourth item that comes up. Happy trails!
I wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at me, bitchezzz.
I am on the list, I work in the medical arena and have the occasion to have the VP visit our fair city at times. When he does our area is pre-screened to ensure if his deivce has a problem we are not a threat to the VP. Well, we have a bit of humor and had some items on the wall which were considered by the secert service as being a bit offensive and they were removed by the secert service. Since that time I have traveled and have been detained because I am now on the "no-fly list".......kinda weird don't you think?

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