With A Government Like This, Who Needs An Enemy?

In an interview Tuesday, Sec. of State Condeleezza Rice defended unlimited detention of terrorist suspects, saying:
You can't allow somebody to commit the crime before you detain them, because if they commit the crime, thousands of innocent people die...
Can you believe this? She's advocating doing away with habeas corpus and changing our legal precedent to "guilty until proven innocent" all in one throw! Then, in a blinding bit idiocy, she goes on to observe that:
This is a struggle that all free countries, including the countries of Europe, share with us: how to deal with groups of people, individuals, that respect no law, that wear no uniform, that follow no regulations.
...but ignores that what makes free countries free is exactly how we treat our prisoners.

Astounding, but not in a good way.

Thanks to King of Zembla for the head's up.


The department of Pre-Crime is now in order
Ohhh...just like in Minority Report. :-)

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