Unprecedented EU Action on Secret CIA Prisons?

Now here's an interesting development. The A.P. reports that Franco Frattini, EU Justice and Home Affairs Commissioner, has warned that any EU nation found to have operated secret CIA prisons could have their voting rights suspended.

The issues here are that overflying the EU to transport prisoners and the presence of covert prisons violate the European Convention on Human Rights and UN Convention against Torture. But until recently most observers of the EU's investigation asserted that the EU couldn't take any definitive action against the members states.

Guess they can after all. Probably because this would be a punishment levied against an offending nation's delegation rather than against the nation itself.

I expect Bu$hCo will try to have Condi try and diffuse the situation on her European trip next week. That should be good for a few laughs.


Yeah, sure, Condi's prevented all those other fuckups ...
Just imagine her trying to get them to stop investigating the presence of prisons that she's not even allowed to admit exist. Fun, fun, fun.
Just wait for our buddies over at the RRWH to start calling the EU communists for doing this.

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