The Impending Iraqi Breakup (2)

I've blogged on this before, but now the N.Y. Times is reporting that sectarian hatred is causing Shiite and Sunni Muslims to abandon their formerly mixed towns for safer enclaves. In scenes reminiscent of India after self-rule, Iraq is self-segregating.

So let's recap:
  1. A population that is self-segregating to avoid violence
  2. A Iraqi military that is itself segregated (and which can't police the country anyway)
  3. A weak constitution that is a blueprint for breakup
  4. A homogeneous, well-armed Kurdish population that would like nothing more than to be on their own
Yup, all the ingredients for a full-scale shooting war, with our troops in the middle. So Rumy, where did you put that secret plan for getting the U.S. out?


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