Heathen Money - A Totally New Kind of Sin Tax

So there's this bill before the Alabama legislature to put "God Bless America" on the license plates. No big deal, right? Red staters try to pass "God affirming" legislation all the time. But if you look closely you'll notice that you can get around publicly affirming your faith if you simply decide to get one of their custom license places, as they've been exempted from the change. Interesting...

Don't know about your state, but where I live custom license plates carry a pretty hefty price tag. Sounds to me like a whole new kind of sin tax and a really creative one at that. Maybe we could take "In God We Trust" off of half of our money. The new heathen bills would be worth only 80% of the face value of the godly bills. The possibilities are endless.

Motorcyclists apparently are exempt from having "God Bless America" printed on their license plates. Not enough space, and of course everyone knows that they're a bunch of godless rabble anyway.


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