Big Oil Execs: "I believe refining petroleum does not lead to profits."

I don't often disagree with my senators, but this time I can't keep my mouth shut. Yeah it's high time congress explored allegations of undue influence in Veep Cheney's energy task force, but where oil prices and consumer impact are concerned there is nothing to consider. So let's stop wasting time on this.

Come on people. We're talking about a finite resource here. Oil--fossil fuels in general--are a scarce commodity, and unless somebody figures out a way to dig up more dinosaur bones and crush them with millions of pounds of pressure, there will never be any more. Hurricane Katrina wipes out a bunch of oil platforms in the gulf, shuts down a bunch of refineries, and what happens? Prices go up! That's what. Supply is tightened, and demand creates a price increase. Duh!

So my liberal brethren, let's do something more than constructive than encouraging our representatives to haul Big Oil execs in to lie about their profit margins. Live in a city? Have access to mass transit? Sell your goddamned car! Take a couple fewer plane trips per year. Switch to halogen bulbs. Shut off that damn computer you're blogging on and go play with your kids.

Thanks to The Democratic Daily for the complete coverage.


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