Your GOP Leaders In Action

Already bloated with profits, Big-Oil got a another gift from House GOP leaders today in the form of an energy bill that streamlines the permitting process for refinery construction and directs the President Neuman to identify federal lands upon which new refineries can be built.

This bill must be especially sweet for the oil industry because with 12 Republicans holding out, the GOP leadership held the vote open for 40 extra minutes while they leaned on two congressmen who eventually switched sides. (The bill passed byl the slimmest of margins, 212 - 210.) Moreover, this bill does nothing for the environment (obviously) and nothing to deal with the short-term issue of rising natural gas prices, a much harder problem for the energy industry to solve.

So basically the GOP leadership stoops once again to kiss Big-Oil's ass. Way to go Hastert...so much for encouraging conservation.


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