Russ Feingold - Democrat With Cojones (Updated)

Too bad I don't live in Wisconsin...

With every passing year in the hell that is America under Bush Co., I become more and more impressed with Senator Russ Feingold (D. Wisconsin), and salon.com has done an excellent interview. You've got to be a subscriber, but I'd say the subscription's worth it just to read this interview.

[2005/10/10 12:05p PDT]

As far as I'm concerned here is the money quote from the Salon article:
But you voted, still, for Roberts.

I have this odd sense that George Bush is going to pick whoever the justice is. So those who are yelling and screaming, apparently, have forgotten who gets to make the nomination. So the question is, what's the best we can get from George Bush? It was my judgment that John Roberts, based on everything I saw and heard, directly and indirectly, was the best possibility we could have...


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