A new friend - Crush Liberalism.

This guy's a hoot. He's been savaging K. over on Atlas Shrugs, though he has yet to post a single comment with anything in it but insults.

And a bonus, here's a response to a Iraqi vet he's arguing with (thread about the Iraqi constitution)
Like I said, piss off. Get "Hooked on Phonics" and see what that means. You're as tiresome as your old lady was last night.
Dude claims to be a libertarian but has a mouth like a garden variety wing-nut.


Looks like Jonathan's now banning anybody he doesn't like. Another wing-nut who resorts to silencing the opposition when he gets tired of arguing. How typical.
Ya, he banned me. Guess I've must have hit upon some essentail truth that didn't sit right with him...LOL.

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