New FBI Abuses

After passage of the USA Patriot Act, we should all have guessed that an emboldened FBI would step up their abuses of the 4th Amendment, but this Washington Post article spells out how the criminally loose standards of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act are being used/abused.

What is most interesting about the article, though, is that it focuses not on the abuses themselves, but on the following facts: 1) The FBI is investigating hundreds of such cases; 2) The few oversight mechanisms that do still exist are not working, and 3) The presidential Intelligence Oversight Board (investigator of abuses) is refusing, on the grounds of "executive privilege", to provide congress with details on what their investigations show or even how many investigations there are. The danger here is that, lacking those details and statistics, congress has no substantive basis for evaluating, expanding, or limiting a set of laws that should never have been passed in the first place.

Somebody needs to subpoena the members of that board and, if they choose not to testify, throw them in jail for Contempt of Congress.


I'm afraid to rent a library book now. Don't want to have my records sent for terrorist suspicions
Naw. I wouldn't worry. The librarians are the only ones we seem to be fighting back! :-)
check out this link: http://www.sfbg.com/39/49/cover_censored.html

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