Harriet Miers Withdraws

An unqualified crony of Bush Co. withdraws because she can't win the support of her own party. Good. The Republican leadership finally does something right (though probably for the wrong reasons).

Wonder how many in the right-wing blogsphere will try to brand this as a liberal plot?


Man is this guy cold blooded!

"Let's move on," said Republican Sen. Trent Lott of Mississippi. "In a month, who will remember the name Harriet Miers?"
Everything's a liberal plot
Nope, not a liberal plot. Was just a bad choice by Bush. (or an intentional decoy of a nomination)
Yup. There's bad, and then there's manifestly bad. Not sure I come down on the "decoy" nomination thing. Though I would say that the next nomination will say quite a bit about how the next three years are going to go for Bush Co.
Well, Harry Reid did give her the "Godfather" kiss of death right out of the starting gate.=)

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