The Governator is crazy like a fox.

Now I don't like the Governator, but this kind of stuff is really stupid-
The governor, who does not plan to appear with the president, is putting his political interests ahead of the best interests of the state. This is about the governor doing his job, and part of his job is to get California its fair share of federal dollars."

Assemblyman Dario Frommer, D-Los Feliz (Los Angeles County).
In CA, you don't become governor or stay governor unless you woo democrats. Arhnult is just positioning himself to show what an independent he is, and Frommer's an idiot for suggesting that Schwarzenegger should be sucking up to Bush. Bush isn't going give one extra penny to CA. There's no value in it for him. More likely, he'll continue to screw CA (think offshore oil drilling and suing over CA air quality standards) as he and the Republican's have been doing for the last 5 years. Arhnult is just making sure he can capitalize on the status quo.


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