The GOP Forgets How Capitalism Works

So the House Republican leadership is "turning up the heat," on Big Oil are they? Trying to get the industry to commit to building all those new refineries that the GOP tax giveaway was supposed to spur.

Apparently our Republican friends have forgotten how capitalism works. They deal is this, pinheads: Big Oil pays hundreds of thousands of dollars (millions?) into your campaign coffers, and you deliver to them an energy bill stuffed with tax breaks. Big Oil then reaps the benefit in the form of taxes they'll never have to pay on their record profits.

Now you're going back like Oliver, saying, "...please sir, we need some more." Oh no, no, no. Payment was made and services (in the form of your bloated-friggin-energy-bill) were provided. You want more, you're going to have to offer something in return. Maybe opening ANWR will be enough. Then again, maybe it won't. Dolts!


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