An Exemption for Torture?

So initially Bush Co.'s position on abuse of detainees was, "There is no abuse of detainees." When that was dramatically shown to be a bunch of whole-cloth falsehoods, the administration changed tactics: "They're not legal enemy combatents. So they do not enjoy the protections of the Geneva Convention." But that argument was skewered by the MSM and others who pointed out that, if they are not legal combatents, then they're alleged criminals within our territories and entitled to certain rights of due-process (and prusumably to be free from abuse, torture, etc...). Bush Co. then responded that such detainees were not within our territories, and so arguments about criminality did not apply. (Keep in mind that the extension of due-process is not specific to citizens, it applies all persons within our territories, despite what the right-wing blogshpere would have you believe.)

So finally, we now have McCain's amendment to the upcoming $440 billion military spending bill that would effectively ban the use of "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment," of detainees, an amendment that was passed with 90 votes in favor. And what does Bush Co. do? They come to Congress and ask for an exemption for "clandestine counterterrorism operations". In other words, if it's a secret operation, the administration wants the option to do whatever the fuck they want, to whomever they want, Constitution and Congress be damned.

I don't believe that I can say this strongly enough. Torture doesn't--fucking--work! Numererous experts inside and outside the military and intelligence establishments attest to this. So this amendment is a noble attempt to repair our lousy image abroad and won't impact the war on terror in the least.

My hope is that McCain continues to tell the administration to shove this craven bit of policy-making up their collective asses! Get ready for President Neuman's veto and hope for an override.


Keep defending the terrorists. They thank you immensely!
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Keep defending the terrorists. They thank you immensely!

Well actually... what I'm defending is the Constitution--against an administration that wouldn't understand the 4th, 6th, and 8th amendments if they were read out loud...real FUCKING slow!

I'm defending your anonymous, cowardly ass in preparation for the day that you run afoul of our government, and they decide to investigate you--without your knowledge--and then spirit you off to some place "outide our territory".

But please... continue to dazzle us your ignorance!
Well said, Kvatch. Some people just don't understand the consequences of some of these actions. What do you expect when you have the blind leading the blind. Just because Dubya, who has the dubious honor of being the first president born from my state, tells us that something is good, doesn't make it so. In addition, he has had one of the most secretive presidencies ever. How about our energy policy makers having more secrecy than the Mahattan Project?

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