Democratic Leaders' Useless Bleating

Senate minority leader Harry Reid said on Saturday that Karl Rove should resign or be fired for even discussing Plame and then recalled that Bush once said he would fire anyone involved in the leak:
If he's a man of his word, Rove should be history.
Do any of us believe that Rove will be fired? Bush is an arrogant, unprincipled, liar, and there is no chance he'll outright terminate his right hand, but a well-planned resignation--sort of like the one that had Scooter Libby resigning 5 minutes after the announcement of the indictment--is certainly possible. Though any liberal naive enough to believe that a resignation would end Rove's influence with this administration is an idiot, Reid included.


Maybe Harry Reid ought to resign. Fitzgerald has brought as many charges against him as he has against Rove.
No need for Reid to do anything, really. The Republicans are quite effectively lining themselves for the circular firing squad.

The jury is still out on Rove...literally, but I'm sure Fitzgerald plans to call them back. :-)
You'll like my latest post then,it's another example of, "Democrats Bleating."

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