Confronting your accuser.

Bruce Schneier makes an excellent point in this month's Crypto-Gram about the accused's right to face their accuser. In Seminole Co., FL a bunch of DUI cases were thrown out because the police refused to disclose how a "closed-source" breathalyzer works.

Judge Donald Marblestone commented:
Florida cannot contract away the statutory rights of its citizens...
...and other FL judges have disagreed, claiming that they can't force companies to give away trade secrets.

So whose rights should trump here? The citizens, with rights enumerated in the Constitution (Amendment 6, to be exact)? Or the corporations that don't exist as far as the Constitution is concerned? The Bush administration could stand to learn this lesson as well. You can either allow the accused to face their accuser, or you can forget the prosecution.


I'm glad that there's another voice out there giving the truth to the "right wing howler"
Kvatch has to wear asbestos shorts when he posts over there. He's braver than I am.

Blog on and thanks for the support.

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